SQN Capital Management, LLC (“SQN US”) and its UK subsidiary SQN Capital Management (UK) Limited (“SQN UK”) are together the Investment Managers of the Fund.

SQN US is an independent asset manager and registered investment advisor to institutional investors.  Headquartered in New York City and specializing in alternative asset management, SQN provides investment advisory and portfolio management services to five private offerings and two public direct participation programs.  SQN’s investment strategy is focused on business-essential, revenue-producing or cost-saving assets.  Historically, SQN has invested in the agricultural, energy, environmental, medical, manufacturing, technology, and transportation industries.

Formed in 2007, initially as a joint venture between the US and UK teams, SQN is comprised of professionals that have been working together since 2001. The principals and directors of SQN are experienced in structuring asset-based financing both domestically and internationally.  SQN has concluded several successful transactions and actively manages investments throughout the United States and European Union.

Whether as an investor, financing partner, or fund manager, everything under the SQN umbrella is guided by three governing principles: Transparency, Alignment, and Low Cost Structure.